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Game-play Questions

There are many guides in Wiki to help you with game-play and answering some specific game-play-related questions. Please visit one of the links below:

Technical Questions

Common Player Questions

In all support request cases, please be truthful in all your correspondence with a Game Master.
Hiding details will not only hinder resolving the issue, but may also result in punishment.

Q: I accidentally dropped / sold the wrong items to NPC, can GM refund me?
A: Yes, if the item was not picked up by another player. If you are not sure, please open a support ticket. Notice that we will only do this once, as we have protections in place against item dropping. Remember to keep all your valuables in your Favourites tab and lock it from NPC selling.

Q: I lent my items and the player refuses to give them back. Can GM help me?
A: If you have proof that the item was to be borrowed, you may open a player report for scamming. Note that your item will be deleted, as GMs will not refund or return any items lost due to player mistakes.

Q: Someone logged onto my account and stole my gear. Can GM help me?
A: Regrettably not. Account sharing is not encouraged for a reason and what happens to your account is your responsibility. Please keep your passwords secure and change your passwords at regular intervals.

Q: I missed a 0 when I set up my vending shop and sold my item under-priced, can I get a refund?
A: No. GMs will not refund player-to-player vending transactions, as this would be unfair to the person who bought the item.

Q: I accidentally refined an item and it broke. Can GM refund me?
Q: I enchanted on the wrong item. Can GM roll back the enchant?
A: No. We are unable to offer any support for item losses that transpired due to failed or incorrect refine/enchantment attempts.

Q: I am stuck in an instance and can't use any skills. Help!
A: You can try relogging. If the problem still persists, message a GM online to fix it for you.

Q: I cannot add skill points to my character!
A: Remove all your equipped items (including the costume tab), and type @clearcostume to remove any costume effects. You should be able to add skill points after that.

Q: I purchased Nova Points but did not receive them.
A: Please submit a support ticket and [GM] Nova will sort it out with you. Make sure to include the payment method, your email, date, and amount purchased in the ticket to speed up handling time.

Q: I forgot my account ID, can you recover it for me?
A: Submit a support ticket and we will send you the account ID to the email that is registered on the account. If you no longer have access to the email registered on the account or if the email is fake, you will not be able to recover the account ID.

Other Questions

Q: I found a bug! Where do I report it?
A: Please make a post in the bug report section, with as many details as possible. If you are able to, include screenshots or recordings, and describe what was done to trigger the bug, what the expected behavior was, et cetera. Include as many details as possible.

Q: I found a bot! Where do I report it?
A: Report your findings privately to a GM in-game or Discord. Provide as many details as possible. You do not need to know a player name to report a suspect. At its simplest, a map name will do, however we will of course appreciate such details as a player name, class, or skills used. If you know the name of the suspect, you can report it directly in game by using @botreport

Q: Someone is harassing me / won't leave me alone! What can I do?
A: If you find that one of our server rules was broken, please make a post in the player reports section of the forum. Include screenshots or recordings and what the reported player was doing (e.g. scamming, griefing, using offensive language) will all help. As well, you may use /ex player to block them from messaging you.

Q: My question is not answered here!
A: You can submit a support ticket on the forums. Note that you need to have a forum account to be able to post on our forums.

How to report rule breakers

Please use the following section to provide us with better reports. Quite often, we cannot punish a player because we are lacking information.

Using the replay feature

This is by far the easiest method to report offending players. While in-game, follow these steps to open the recording feature:

  1. Click on the Rec button from the status bar.
    Record 01.png
  2. Start the replay, give it a name and press Start.
    Record 02.png Record 03.png
  3. When you are finished recording, press Stop.
    Record 04.png
  4. Open your RO folder, go in the Replay folder and upload the file on the forum or send it directly to a GM if requested.

Take Screenshots

Take as many screenshots as necessary and upload them on the forum. We recommend using imgur to host the images.

In your screenshots, please show us that you've tried to talk with the problematic players and attempted to solve the issue by yourself first.

Use the forum

Avoid requesting GM assistance for rule breaking reports. We prefer that you use the forum to report such issues as it is easier for us to see the evidence you've collected.